To Blog or Not to Blog

Nothing like starting out my blogging journey with a cheesy spin on an overused phrase.  That’s probably the number one rule on the “Don’t” list in Blogging for Dummies.  But the truth is, I really don’t know why I’m doing this.  OK, I do.  I love to write.  But as I sit here pounding the backlit keyboard of my shiny new Christmas present, the house around me is a mess, I’m tired, the TV is beckoning me to get lost in its trancelike magnetic pull so I don’t have to think or even move, the laundry pile has progressed into a hill, and I know that my 8 month old will be awake like clockwork every two hours throughout the night, which means that if I knew what was good for me, I’d go to bed early and try to fight the losing battle of sleep deprivation.

But I miss writing.  It is the hobby that got left in the lobby around the time I went back to work when my second child was one year old.  She slept through the night early on and my writing flourished under the influence of eight solid hours and the local coffee shop’s cheesecake during my weekly excursion in search of  a change of scenery.

So here I find myself nearly two years later, trying to get back into the groove.  I am motivated in part by my husband who is always after me to get a hobby (I’m not sure if this is because he is concerned about my rapidly declining sanity or if it’s to justify his own need to have a plethora of expensive hobbies) and in part by my click-happy fingers and an itchy creative streak, atrophied from lack of use.

It looks like all I need to do now is to start taking cute photos of the kids and creative pictures of my perfectly arranged crafts to look like a real blogger.  And we’re back to square one…should I really be doing this?

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