I Dream of Sleeping

You can tell that interrogators aren’t mothers.  If they were, they’d know how to do the sleep deprivation torture more effectively.  To do it right, you first have to deprive one of their sleep.  Then you send in two or three young kids.  You make sure they cry and scream and carry on like a Banshee and then on top of that, ask them to cook a healthy meal during the chaos that said children will eat without more crying and screaming and carrying on like a Banshee.  By the end of the day, they’ll tell you what you want to hear.  If they haven’t gone crazy first.

My youngest, Kaelum is a horrible sleeper.  When he hit the 6 week mark, I was hoping he would decide – as logical six-week-olds have been known to do – that it was time to stop being so hedonistic and sleep through the night.  Alas, he is now 9 months old and still he thinks that waking up every few hours is a perfectly acceptable way to carry on.  He cries and fusses until he is nursed back to sleep.  Talk about immature.

I am told by my doctor and my grandmother and other well-meaning individuals that it is OK to let him cry.  That by getting him I am letting him make the rules.  That I have to teach him to self-soothe if I want some hope of ever regaining my motivation and losing the black carry-on luggage residing beneath my bloodshot eyes. But I can’t bring myself to do this.

Maybe I am too emotionable but this just doesn’t sit well with me.  Don’t get me wrong, if Ferberizing works for you, more power to you; but my bleeding heart comes out full force and I cave like sandcastle spotted by a curious toddler when he starts to sing the baby blues.  I guess I figure that if it was me that was totally helpless and all I had to communicate with was the vocal chords the good Lord gave me I would hope that, no matter the reason I was crying, someone would come and comfort me.

Maybe he’s hot (stop dressing me like I’m on an Arctic expedition).  Maybe he’s cold (OK, I changed my mind – Arctic ain’t so bad). Maybe he had a bad dream (Mommy’s milk ran out).  Maybe his leg is stuck in the crib (it’s got me, it’s got me!).  Maybe he’s hungry (I knew I should have had a second helping).  Maybe he’s thirsty (I could really use a warm shot of milk).  Maybe he misses me (where’s that darling mother of mine?  She sure is fun to be around).  Maybe he wants to make sure I’m still nearby (Yoohoo!  Where are you?).  Maybe he just needs a cuddle (snuggled next to Mommy is my favourite place to be).  Whatever the reason, I go to him.  And sleep be damned, I will continue to do so multiple times a night knowing that I am meeting his needs and that one day he will sleep through the night.  Is it possible to catch up on years of sleep loss?

Here’s a possibly useful, probably useless dinner tip…

I have never been Chef Ramsey but these days especially, I rarely cook.  This is for several reasons: my husband is a horribly picky eater, my kids are mildly picky eaters and Kaelum usually wails throughout dinner preparations because he is tired and wants to sleep but it’s too early to put him down for the night.  And I have no motivation.  So we often have quick omelettes or soup pulled from the freezer.

Bailey found the organic corn pasta I purchased on sale and wanted to eat it.  I think she thought it was candy.  Regardless, I cooked the noodles and went fridge hunting.  I came up with an onion, mushrooms, garlic, cherry tomatoes and purple kale, plus leftover frozen turkey.

I sautéed the onions and garlic, threw in the mushrooms, added the shredded kale and frozen turkey and once it was almost done, added the tomatoes.  Then I added the noodles, threw on some Alfredo sauce, added some pesto, a bit of oregano, basil and – a must for every kitchen – Herbamare.  I made a side of lightly steamed beans cooked with garlic and tossed with caesar dressing and parmesan cheese.  I called it rainbow pasta (its all in the name when you are enticing kids to eat) and we had a delicious supper in no time.  And I patted myself on the back for cooking twice this week.  Wow, I’m good.

You can always make an easy pasta by having spaghetti sauce, Alfredo sauce, cream cheese, and/or pesto on hand in your pantry.  Throw in a bit of one or all of these and you can’t go wrong.

"Rainbow Pasta" and Green Beans

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