Frosty the Toilet Paper Man

Our crafts are never anything to brag about, but they are usually fun and easy.  I had the vision for this little guy when I saw a few rolls of toilet paper stacked on top of each other.  We made him with craft foam (a staple in our craft box) but construction paper should work as well.  We got sticks outside for his arms and his scarf was made from an old shirt that had been repurposed as a rag.  A bit of two sided tape holds him together.

And if you find yourself on the john after doing your business and you realize that you are out of TP while sporting a cling-on the size of a small country, simply pull the hat off of this friendly neighbourhood helper and you’re back in business.  Just don’t let your kids catch you with Jack Frost’s face in your butt crack, that could lead to questions you don’t want to answer!

Frosty the Toilet Paper Man

Checking out the new creation

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2 thoughts on “Frosty the Toilet Paper Man

  1. Mom says:

    Haha. You make me laugh. Can I borrow Frosty?

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