Ball Buster Extraordinaire

I saw this at and couldn’t help but laugh because this little girl is 110% Bailey.  She has done all of the above, and on more than one occasion.  She is the main reason I started grocery shopping in the evenings, sans the pair of imps who want to buy everything, touch everything, and lick everything.  OK, only Bailey wants to lick everything.  And smell everything.  Every night she insists on smelling my various vitamin bottles and announces an emphatic “yummy!” with each nasty smell.  This is pretty mild when I think of her as the little two year old who insisted she “fwell” (smell) every soiled diaper she created.  And for whatever reason, Bailey’s diapers were always enough to clear the room, sometimes even the house.  Just ask Uncle Jay.

I was paying some bills the other day and she wanted help with something.  I told her I wanted to finish up what I was doing but instead of waiting, she put her hand on her hip and announced sassily, “Fine, I’m just gonna go downstairs since you’re ignoring me!”  Half an hour later she looked up at me with her baby blues and announced, “No matter what, Mama, I will always wuv you.”

Bailey is many things.  She insists on getting a pink flower each week at the Farmer’s Market, she is terrified to the point of tears and trembling of spiders, she teases Hayden to no end, she would watch TV all day if I let her, and she loves to find “wormies” and snails in the garden, where she piles them up in a big heap and tells me confidently that “I fink my wormy wuvs me!”, not realizing that most of them are dead or dying.  She doesn’t love hockey, “I only wuv puppies and ponies and kangawoos” and was excited when I said that Parker was coming because she thought she was getting a visit from Spiderman.  She cried crocodile tears because she couldn’t go to the Sting game with Mike and Hayden (so much for not liking hockey), and when Mike finally found an afternoon game to take her to, she was curled up in her chair, fast asleep before the puck dropped.  When she does something wrong, she bursts into tears and has a big dramatic melt down to take the heat off of herself and what she has done.  Whenever she makes one of us angry (which happens often due to many strong personality traits and a knack for not listening), she wails and wails and insists on a big hug and kiss and love, which is touching cheek to cheek, something she invented.  She is a fickle little thing, always saying, “ak-chy, I changed my mind” or announcing that she tricked us or was just kidding before changing direction.  Everything is a race, but no matter if she wins or loses, she announces “I won!” and there is no changing her mind.

This is my Bailey.  I think one day she will be a ball buster.  But for now, she is content practicing on her family, while at the same time honing the natural-born skill of winning over the hearts of everyone she meets.  Talk about a deadly combination.  You get ’em, Babe!


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One thought on “Ball Buster Extraordinaire

  1. Mom says:

    Yup, you got it right all right. I remember when I met you in the mall about a half a year ago and she was laying on the floor there, refusing to go any further. And of course your hands were full with a 5 month old in arms and Hayden in hand. And Hayden is crying because you are walking away (in the hope that Bailey would get up quickly and go with you). Moooommmmyyy…. you can’t leave Bailey here! Oh, the memories.

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